Massage cambridge

Onsite massage typically takes 15 minutes per massage but you can choose, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minute treatments. The amount of employees massaged per hour is dependent on the length of the treatments you wish to have. E.g.

30 Minute Treatment 2 Clients Per Hour
20 Minute Treatment 3 Clients Per Hour
15 Minute Treatment 4 Clients Per Hour
10 Minute Treatment 6 Clients Per Hour

Onsite Holistic Massage can be done for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 8 hours in one working day, prices start from £45 per hour.

Onsite Massage is particularly popular in the corporate environment due to its versatility and the fact clothing does not need to be removed. Onsite Massage can be performed easily, it requires little room and it can be performed anywhere. We would normally recommend a quiet vacant office, meeting room or break room. Although treatments can be carried out in a discreet corner of a large office.

Set up for onsite massage couldn’t be easier, it takes around 10 minutes to set up the massage chair and music. The set up will be done by the therapist so there is nothing to worry about on the day. Each individual having treatments will be asked to fill in a consultation form prior to their treatment. Consultation forms will be emailed to the company a week before the booking and can be given to the therapist on the morning of the treatments.

The client remains clothed during the treatment and the therapist will use a combination of massage techniques to work the back, neck, scalp, shoulders, arms & hands. The therapist will treat every individual to a personalised treatment focusing on the areas they need the work on the most.

How Does Massage Work?

All of the Massage therapies that we offer will help reduce muscular tension, alleviate stress and increase circulation.

Studies have shown that individuals who received a massage during work were able to complete mental arithmetic tasks much quicker than those who did not have a massage. Allowing your employees 15-30 minutes out of their day will not only benefit them but can help improve the work they are doing for you.

Massage makes people feel good and one of the reasons why we feel good is because after a massage, endorphins are released from the brain. It is this chemical (cortisol) that has the job of neutralising the stress hormone that is released in our body, promoting overall wellness.

The Benefits of Onsite Massage for Employees

Offering massage for employees has many benefits. It has been reported that it increases productivity and alertness in workers. It also makes your company look very appealing if you list corporate massage as one of your benefits, your employees will never dread going to work on a Monday again.

So, what are the advantages of offering massage to employees, and would your company benefit from offering it?

Massage can help relieve stress, offering this to your employees can help them refocus and reduce their stress. It’s a great employee benefit and it could help to reduce the number of days’ people are absent with stress related problems.

Repetitive strain injury is a common complaint for workers in offices, so why not tackle the problem before it arrives? Allowing your employees 15 minutes of massage can help reduce this from occurring.

Massage can help Reduce back pain for your employees, results showed that those who had a back massage in work found that their back pain decreased by an impressive 48%.

Why not use massage in your company to make it stand out from your competitors, listing corporate massage as one of your benefits will make you look more attractive. As well as increasing employee productivity, promoting employee wellness it will show everyone that your company that treats its employees well.